Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kids Vintage

As a vintage loving mama, it has occurred to me that perhaps it's not just my wardrobe that has been made significantly better by the introduction of vintage clothing. My dear daughter could also rock the retro look, and be fabulously cute at the same time. The only problem? Vintage clothing for babies and children is harder to find than hen's teeth! Apart from the occasional gem in the charity shop (recent finds - 2 unworn 1970s pointy collar shirts with embroidered bunnies on... score!) the babies of Birmingham are suffering a real lack of quality clothing. Well fear no more dear readers, because Urban Village has a lovely selection of vintage childrens wear just waiting for a new home, to be lovingly worn and dribbled on by your little people. And the even better news? There's lots of it in our sale shop, so you can pick up the perfect 70's print dress at a snip! Check out the lovely little selection I found in the store room this week; in case it's not clear the cream cape in the background has little embroidered bunnies on...I sense a theme developing...

Ruth, Urban Village.

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